Introducing Patch Wallet

Patch Wallets aren't your typical wallet; you don't download an app or install an extension…

Every twitter user, email, phone number…any human...or bot 🤖...has a wallet automatically that only they can access. No onboarding or custodian required.

You can view your wallet today at and claim your Patch NFT.

You’ll want to be early frens… 😉

1 Billion web3 wallets 🌎

Our mission is to onboard 1 Billion users into Web3.

To do that, we’re taking a radically different approach to onboarding. On the web, the 90-9-1 rule states 90% of users just read content while only 10% post…so why do we expect 100% of web3 users to perform “write” actions?

Instead, give everyone on the planet a Web3 wallet by default 🫂 to receive airdrops, roylaties, tips, digital gifts, donations, and experience the web3 economy before they have to download apps or learn about seed phrases.

Learn Web3 by Doing

Any experienced crypto user will tell you the BEST WAY TO LEARN WEB3 IS BY DOING. Try out the apps! It’s almost impossible to see the potential before you’ve minted your first NFT, traded your first token, or paid someone across the globe instantly. If everyone has a wallet, there are no barriers to try the amazing dapps that exist today: games, quests, social clubs, collecting, creating, coordinating, and owning a piece of the Internet!

Today, Patch Wallets are being used to:

  • 🪂 Airdrop NFTs to Twitter followers or email audience

  • 💐 Send NFT gift cards to your family’s email or phone

  • 👨‍💼 Businesses create “embedded wallets” for their users like Reddit Vaults

  • 🎮 Gaming studios attract new users with prefunded wallets without downloads

  • 👛 Tip anyone on the internet to show your gratitude

  • 🤲 Donate to a charity, cause, or artist via Twitter handle

Claim a Patch NFT at
Claim a Patch NFT at

How it works

Patch Wallets are EIP-4337 account abstraction smart contract wallets with the same address on all EVM chains. These “Smart Accounts” can do everything your MetaMask wallet can do…with some additional super powers like batched transactions, subsidized gas, and continuous improvements via software updates like a Tesla.

Patch Wallets are not another social sign in service for your NFT marketplace or dapp. We are not a SaaS service. We’re the second ever Wallet Protocol…following in the enormous footsteps of the Safe ecosystem (Gnosis Safe) and partly built on the Safe smart contract system. Just like Safe’s focus on secure multi-sig wallets, Patch Wallets are focused on bridging Web2 users to the Web3 economy automatically.

Behind the curtains, Patch Wallets use simple EIP-4337 account abstraction smart contract wallets called Base Accounts, deterministic create2 addresses on all EVM chains, Lit Protocol for signing, and 4337 bundlers and PayMasters. Patch Wallets can receive any amount of tokens and NFTs but don’t get deployed until the user wants to utilize the assets they’ve accumulated (effectively “write” access).

Why call it "Patch"?

We started off as n00b wallets and played with names like “newbie wallets” and “social wallets” but none of these name fully encompassed everything we want to do and be.

Marc Andreessen describes the internet’s “original sin” as not including native payment rails…a decision that’s led us to the ad-driven, data harvesting current version of the web today. Crypto presents an opportunity to right that wrong and introduce new methods to fund the web and its creators.

To bridge Web2 and Web3, anyone can attach a patch wallet 🩹 to existing digital services: an email, Twitter, telephone number, or other social account. We’re patching the web of its original sin.

Patch wallets are not meant to hold your life savings; they’re meant to be zero effort onboarding into the Web3 economy for your friends, family, and customers.

This is a meme.
This is a meme.

Early Partners

The doors are open and you can claim your Patch NFT today!

If you’re a founder or marketer, send a Twitter or email airdrop via

If you’re a good person, send an NFT gift 🎁 to your mom’s email.

If you’re a dapp or game that wants a Web2 wallet experience, Contact us here.

You’ll want to be early frens. 😉

Thank You

We appreciate the feedback, testing, ideas, and support from our early community ever since our humble beginnings as n00b wallets at ETHOnline 2022! 🙏

If you’d like to support the project, collect this post on Mirror, go claim your Patch NFT, or join our Discord. Our early users are routinely rewarded. 🤗

And we look forward to many partnerships and experiments as we mature and grow as a protocol! 💪

Get in touch via Twitter, Discord, or Contact us here. 🩹

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