W3P: Earnout Airdrops

The moment most users receive an airdrop, there's a natural trigger to sell some or all tokens. Crypto users have been trained to lock in some gains. It's innate to humans.

Earnout Airdrops are tokens that vest over time, rather than all being liquid on Day 1, removing the sell trigger at first. Safe DAO implemented a linear vesting model for $SAFE, and more complex models could be built on streaming protocols like SuperFluid.

Moreover, to continue vesting, users need to hit certain thresholds of protocol usage per month:

  • 10 trades on a NFT marketplace

  • Maintain a minimum staked/deposited balance

  • 5 new user referrals to a DAO

  • Write 5 governance posts that get 5 Likes

  • Etc

Otherwise your token stream…your streak…gets voided. ❌

Earnout Airdrops would be an interesting way to guarantee monthly active users from airdrop recipients.

Web3 Pitches (W3P) are short product write-ups that describe an emerging problem or opportunity in the Web3 space and proposes a minimal-viable solution that could be tested and iterated with users. The pitches are presented in screenshot essay form, which is meant to be short enough to be consumed on one page of a mobile screen. :-)

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