W3P: LLM Dog collars

A dog collar with for expanding the communication spectrum between human and dog…stay with me...like a universal translator across species. 🐕🤝🚶‍♂️

A dog collar with iPhone-level sensors, a built in LLM, a Pez dispenser for giving treats (positive feedback), and shock collar (negative). The microphone and LLM is trained to the owners voice and recognizes common commands like "Come", "Down", "Go outside, pee, and come back in", etc and administers positive and negative feedback to train the dog to perform the actions that are intended by the owner.

LLM gets trained to the dog’s and owner's specific communication styles, and the owner may not know when to administer feedback...the LLM collar is a translation device between the two.

Start by helping with with potty training and basic behavior and then go upstream to more and more complex behavior (“go get your leash and wait by the door for your walk“, “go walk around the block without bothering other humans/animals and come straight back“).

Eventually could translate the dog's communication (whimpering, barking, eye movement) and send chat messages to the owner. With enough data, an LLM may be a viable universal translator across species.

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