W3P: Dall-E MadLib NFTs

5,000 NFTs are up for a free mint with 1,000 each in the following categories: animal, activity, head wear, art style, and color. 1 mint per wallet.

Once a wallet has 1 of each category (they must trade for them) they can combine them into a Dall-E prompt and mint the resulting image into a PFP.

"A dog wearing a viking helmet goes surfing, in blue digital art style"

"A horse wearing a beer helmet plays pool, in green cypherpunk style."

Then you can repeat with different types of attributes, different AI algos, and increasingly complex prompts. Then move to other media styles like short-form writing (ChatGPT) or short films.

Web3 Pitches (W3P) are short product write-ups that describe an emerging problem or opportunity in the Web3 space and proposes a minimal-viable solution that could be tested and iterated with users. The pitches are presented in screenshot essay form, which is meant to be short enough to be consumed on one page of a mobile screen. :-)

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