Introducing DustSweeper v2

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We’re proud to announce DustSweeper v2 is ready for its mainnet launch! The new version includes massively expanding token support (from 80 to >5k tokens), major gas optimizations, dynamic pricing, token system preparations, and other features that make Dustsweeper awesome and seamless for our users!

Head on over to to start cleaning out your old wallets! 🧹

Where we started

DustSweeper allows users to swap small balance tokens (”dust”) for ETH without expensive gas transactions. Users just have to approve() the tokens they’d like to sell, and “market taker” bots execute the swap.

We were humbled and grateful to be the #1 voted project at ETHDenver, win multiple prizes and bounties, and gain the support of 269 Backers to launch on mainnet!

DustSweeper v1 app
DustSweeper v1 app

Since our Mainnet launch on March 2nd, version 1 had:

  • 16.8 ETH in volume
  • Paid out over 11.7 ETH to 165 early users
  • Built a Discord community of 1100+ passionate contributors
  • Collected feedback from 100+ users to prioritize v2 features

...all without any advertising or marketing...

This was our MVP phase, and we thank our early contributors and users for going on the ride with us, including funding smart contract reviews, testing the app, providing feedback, building taker bots, and leading community and marketing initiatives! 💪

Who's excited for DustSweeper v2?
Who's excited for DustSweeper v2?

Introducing DustSweeper V2

The core devs have been hard at work on version 2 since the MVP was launched 3 months ago. Based on +300 user’s feedback, discussions on Discord, and many zoom chats, we scoped out a series of upgrades to address our user’s main pain points.

DustSweeper Roadmap 2022
DustSweeper Roadmap 2022

In DustSweeper v2, we have...

  • 💓 Added support for many, many more Tokens - We are increasing the number of supported tokens from ~80 to over 5k tokens.
  • ⛽ Gas optimizations - We’ve decreased the gas needed on sweepDust() by 20%, which allows Taker Bots to sweep more orders at lower token balances.
  • ⚙️ Dynamic Taker Discounts per Token - The taker discount can now be set per token allowing the DAO to offer more incentives to swap tokens (lower swap time) or run promotions to cheaply swap a specific token.
  • 📤 Allow destination wallets to be set - Users can now set a destination address if they want to receive ETH to a different wallet.
  • 👨‍⚖️ Prep for Governance & Token System - We’ve added functionality so that fees can go to tokenholders as well as the DAO Treasury in configurable percentages. These will be activated when the Staking Pool is launched later this year.
Token System Architecture
Token System Architecture


We’ve deployed v2 to mainnet, began to bootstrap the marketplace, continue to integrate taker bots, and battle testing the app.

You can follow all progress on our Dune Dashboard.

Looking ahead, we’ll be continuing to grow the users and Taker bots interacting within the marketplace.

Thank you contributors 🙏

Thank you to all the contributors that made DustSweeper’s launch and Version 1 so successful! That includes all our crowdfunders, testers, feedback participants, taker bot partners, smart contract contributors and reviewers, and outstanding community members! 🫂

We want to particularly thank the mods on our Discord for their wonderful and enthusiastic support! You’re building up tremendous reputations within the DAO and will be the champions of our continued expansion. 🤜🤛

Lastly, thank you to the core devs who work tirelessly to get the smart contracts, APIs, FE, and market running effectively together. Many super innovative problems were solved in V2, and it’s your mega giga brains that keep DustSweeper running smoothly and growing! 🙌

Now onward to wallet & app integrations and a full token system… 👀

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