Top Crypto Product Launches: Sep 17
Paymagic Labs
September 17th, 2021

📈 Top Launches in crypto from the past week

Zodiac, tools for DAOs from Gnosis Guild | 🔼 47

NFTX launches new NFT Marketplace + protocol | 🔼 36

Gearbox Protocol: Credit Account across all of DeFi | 🔼 26

👇 More detail below

🤔 Why it Matters

DAOs are likely the next crypto sector to have a mainstream moment and the number of startups/investors focused on this space is growing exponentially. Most DAOs use a Gnosis Safe multisig wallet to manage their treasury, and Zodiac transforms that wallet into a platform for powering DAOs of all shapes, sizes, and goals. DeFi DAOs, investment DAOs, social DAOs, etc all have very different needs so a configurable toolbox makes sense vs. a single product.

🤔 Why it Matters

NFTs have gone mainstream and many startups are battling for a share of the transaction activity with Open Sea being the largest (potentially vulnerable) player. NFTX started out focused more on NFT fractionalization, like Fractional Art, but looks to be focused on full NFT sales and secondarily on fractionalization as part of this release. Andre Cronje and many others are also pushing to launch a more decentralized NFT marketplace so expect this space to be a cut throat battle for transaction volume over the next few years, similar to the early crypto exchange battles in 2017.

🤔 Why it Matters

In TradFi, credit accounts are typically offered to hedge funds for leveraged trading by prime brokers. Gearbox is offering a similar service on top of any Ethereum wallet, tapping into credit markets like Aave, to allow leveraged trading/farming on top of protocols like Uniswap and Yearn. This is another great example of a finance service that used to only be available to an exclusive few (hedge funds) now being reinvented from 1st principles and available to anyone around the world, all thanks to DeFi.

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