W3P: NFT Yearbooks
September 21st, 2022

Every day, anyone around the world is allowed to upload an image that describes the collective mood/sentiment/meme of Crypto Twitter for that day. Images can be Dall-E generated, quotes, screenshots, or custom. It costs .1 ETH to submit.

The top voted image each day is made into an NFT, added to the Yearbook NFT collection, and given to the creator (or auctioned off Nouns-style the next day 🤔). For all submission fees, 50% goes to the daily winner, 30% is split between all past members, and 20% go to the DAO Treasury.

At any given time, you can browse the Yearbook NFT collection for the collective storylines, drama, highs and lows of Crypto Twitter. These are enduring cultural storylines, distributed and self-sustaining through recurring cashflow.

With traction, expand Yearbooks to other online communities NBA fans, US politics, Game of Thrones, etc.

Web3 Pitches (W3P) are short product write-ups that describe an emerging problem or opportunity in the Web3 space and proposes a minimal-viable solution that could be tested and iterated with users. The pitches are presented in screenshot essay form, which is meant to be short enough to be consumed on one page of a mobile screen. :-)

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