W3P: n00b wallets
September 26th, 2022

Full Product Write-up available here:

Quick summary

Send NFTs and airdrops to anyone on the internet, no wallet required. 🌎

A non-custodial smart contract "n00b wallet" is created for them automatically, tied to their social media account...no action required. It’s the first wallet that you create for others…to onboard mainstream users into Web3! 🎁

🪂 Airdrop to Twitter followers without ENS’s
💐 Send a birthday card NFT to your mom
🏦 Setup a stETH savings account for ur kid
🤲 Tip authors on StackOverflow / Wikipedia
📰 NFTify writers & artists to collect royalties.

As Web3 matures, the recipients can claim their wallet when they are ready via a social attestation verified through a network of oracles. Now they have an incentive to onboard. All wallets are composable via a Soulbound token and Lens protocol so you can see which wallet belongs to whom, like on Dune: https://dune.com/corbpage/noob-wallet-tracker.

Check out n00b wallets at the ETHOnline hackathon and reach out if you’d like to use!

Full Product Write-up:

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